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Presented by Angel Hampton-Fowler,
Founder & CEO at A1 Taste Catering, LLC.

It was relatively challenging to launch a business during the COVID-19 slight downturn. Many people would inquire about how to launch a business while continuing their personal development along the process. This motivated us to launch an annual luncheon aimed at fostering the community's economic and personal development. Our first luncheon, entitled "The Blue Luncheon," was hosted in 2022. Last year's luncheon was designed to inspire people to concentrate on their vision.

On April 2, 2023, at 3:00 pm, we will host the second annual "The Blue Luncheon," which we are thrilled about. "My Mental" is our theme. We will discuss mental health, finding your purpose, overcoming impostor syndrome, and much more!

At this luncheon we will cover 

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I want to attend the event on April 2nd 2023 !

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